BBB has determined that Young World Preschool and Childcare meets BBB’s A+ accreditation standards.

Young World Preschool and Childcare offers classes for children 2 months-old to 6 years-old, divided by age range and developmental level: Nursery, Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten. The children progress through to the next level as they grow in age and development.

Young World Preschool offers the following programs and activities:

The academic program starts with numbers and letters. The academic skills children learn along the way provide the foundation for reading readiness through story-telling, reading and writing. Math skills are built through number recognition, memory games and sequencing skills. We also teach language classes in Spanish and Chinese.

During circle time and throughout the day, we endeavor to provide activities that increase a child’s verbal skills. We engage in story-telling and reading stories, helping children ask questions and develop self-expression about the stories.

Young children learn social and behavioral skills, toilet training for those that need it, fine and large motor skill activities, and lots of creative play. The children’s social skills advance through play activities related to our creative curriculum where art, nature, music, movement and outdoor activities play a major role in our daily schedule.

Our monthly themes allow each child the time to engage different sensory modalities (kinesthetic, visual and auditory) to learn about nature, animals, colors, shapes, sizes, numbers and letters. We pay particular attention to children’s verbal responses.

In our small playgroups, we encourage cooperation and sharing. In arts and crafts, we pick projects that enhance children’s dexterity and spark their imaginations. We also play memory games to develop the children’s ability to recall and follow directions.

Our room designs, the toys and objects we choose for large and small motor skills development, the games we play; the music and dancing classes we offer, and the arts and crafts activities we provide are all directed to achieving a perfectly well-balanced learning environment for young children.