Music and Dancing

Music Studio

Young World Preschool and Childcare is delighted to offer piano lessons to all students as early as they are ready! Our dedicated piano teacher, wants to nurture the musical talent of your child and help them develop a love for music that will benefit them for their entire life. Our piano teacher will be offering classes and private lessons. Students may attend one free test trial; select students will be invited to continue.

Dance Studio

The mission of Young World Preschool and Childcare is to provide top class education to children to prepare them for formal schooling. Our dance lessons will augment our mission by providing a fun environment in which to train the children’s response to musical rhythm with a taste of aerobic exercise. Lessons will include ballet, folk dance, rhythmic step dance, and games of dance. Our dance teacher is a well-trained dance instructor with many years of professional experience. She started learning classical ballet and folk dance at the age of 8, and has performed in many events since childhood.

For space and availability, or more information, please call: 650-994-6599.