Health and Safety

Consideration for health and safety is paramount at Young World Preschool and Childcare. Listed below are some of the measures we take to ensure the safety of every child, including:

  • Surveillance Cameras: Our entire facility, indoors and outdoors, is constantly monitored by high-quality surveillance cameras. We maintain the security and privacy of our facility, and ensure that the children are well-monitored at all times.
  • Front Gates: Our front gates are always locked 24/7 and can only be opened with a security code.
  • Earthquake and Fire Drills: Every month we have either an earthquake or fire drill. These practices allow the students to become familiarized and comfortable with emergency procedures, keep teachers up-to-date on evacuation processes, and make sure that all records and equipment are kept current.
  • Illness: Parents are instructed not to bring an ill child to school, and a child who is ill will not be admitted for the day. A student who becomes ill during the day will be isolated to keep other students healthy and cared for by a qualified teacher until the parent arrives to pick up the child.