The indoor facilities at Young World encompass 8 classrooms, each featuring worktables, a place for story time, and play areas. The classrooms have a surround sound system used for our music and dance education. Each student has their own chair at a table for work, and their own cot for naptime.

The classrooms and hallways are decorated with brightly colored hand-painted murals, and bulletin boards line the walls. We also have our own private restrooms and kitchen.

Our outdoor facility is a large playground, used daily except in extreme weather. The playground has four sections with age-appropriate equipment, one for infants, one for toddlers, one for children 2-3 years old, and one for children 4 to nearly 6.

The younger children’s yard is enclosed by a fence and gate so they cannot get near equipment designed for older children.

The playground is covered with synthetic grass and cushion padding appropriately rated to protect from falls, and durable outdoor carpet covers the cement walkway near the playground.

We are always looking to constantly improve our facilities. In fact, we’ve recently installed several new play-structure that our students love and enjoy.

At Young World, we take the safety of our students very seriously. We have a mandatory sign-in/sign-out system and surveillance cameras to ensure that your child is always safe and supervised during school, and our front gates are always locked 24/7 and can only be opened with a security code. Sanitation is also a major concern in any preschool environment. Our toys, tables, and mats are all washed regularly and classrooms and playground are cleaned nightly.